Come, Learn, and TASTE ~Japanese Cooking Workshop~

Buddhist vegetarian cooking is the basis for Japanese cooking.
I will be the instructor for the day!

sample of ichi jyuu isssai (rice, miso soup, pickles, plus one dish)

Living Ohana and
               Soto Mission of Hawaii 

Introduction to Japanese Cooking ~Shojin Ryori~
                                    Sunday, May 26 10:30-12:30

Learn how to present and serve Japanese cooking after which we will share a full Buddhist Vegetarian lunch.
 Lunch menu:  一汁三菜」 ‘ichi-jyuu-sansai’
 rice and soup with pickles plus three dishes: nimono ( stewed dish),   aemono (marinated dish), yakimono (broiled or fried dish)

                                                  Donations: $15.00
                   Soto Mission of Hawaii Social Hall  
          1708 Nuuanu Ave.
              Registration preferred: Soto Mission: Ikuko Ishii  222-0250
                                               Living Ohana: Chieko Nathan 292-9707
              e-mail : livingohana2012@gmail.com

"Living Ohana" A gathering group to encourage bodily and emotional health and healthy eating. We will put on workshops and events for parents and their children particularly for the Japanese speaking community in Hawaii.